Benefits of a well planned and executed cleanse include:

• Boost in will power and ability to change bad eating habits
• Improved mental clarity
• Weight Loss
• Increased energy
• Better sleep
• Reduced allergy symptoms
• Improved digestion and elimination
• Reduced toxicity build up from food, drink, medication and environment
• Improved appearance of hair, skin and nails

And a new appreciation for the power of nutrition and it’s affect on our vitality.


When choosing what duration of juice cleanse to go for its a good idea to consider your experience at cleansing, your will power and how you respond to cravings that may arise. If you’re new to cleansing, choose a two or three day cleanse, whereas if you are more experienced and have cleansed multiple times, select a five day cleanse.  Also, consider your goals, consider what you’re hoping to achieve from your cleanse, such as improved energy and digestion and select the appropriate cleanse.

What you eat and drink in the three days before your cleanse is often just as important as the cleanse itself. For the three days prior to starting your juice cleanse, eliminate processed food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy and meat from your diet.  An added advantage here is that the cravings and/or withdrawals that sometimes come from removing such foods and drinks should have subsided by the time you start your cleanse, making the whole process easier and more enjoyable.


It's important to check in with your body, if you're feeling tired that day, take it easy and try to schedule some relaxation time if possible. However if you're bouncing out of bed, then feel free to do your usual routine, including some light exercise.

Often one of the biggest obstacles on your first juice cleanse is getting used to not chewing food daily as this is programmed into us by repetition, this does get much easier as the days pass and you become more experienced at cleansing.

Make sure you stay hydrated between juices and keep drinking plenty of purified water and herbal teas (no caffeine),  if you’re craving something warm and savoury then miso soup is a great nourishing option, especially in the colder months.

Stay focused and present and be proud of the fact that your doing something wonderful for yourself! 

Some common negative reactions when you're fasting can include: Tiredness, moodiness, anger, weakness, light headedness, insomnia, skin breakouts, irritability, constipation, diarrhoea are all common. If you have a recurrent health issue (ie. eczema, acne, sinus issues), be warned that may get worse before it gets better. 

Why do these detox reactions occur?

By doing a juice fast, you are telling your body you are ready to heal and detoxify.  This can result in an initial release of toxicity that has been stored in the body and so causes these toxins to start moving round the body which results in these negative side effects.  Have faith that these are short term and that the end results are so worth it.  Your bowels may decide to have you spend most of the time on the toilet or the complete opposite!  


If you get very hungry and want to continue the fast but would really like some food, or even need to slow down the detoxifying effects, make a smoothie and include an avocado. Because avocado is heaver it will slow down the process and keep you fuller longer without interfering negatively with the cleansing process. Other options include sticks of celery, carrot or apple slices.

Some added support to you juice cleanse could include:

1. Colonics. 
These are brilliant at removing blocked waste matter and toxins from the colon, as well as toning the bowel and creating a clean environment internally to allow good bacteria to flourish and colonize. Good bacteria cannot colonize in a toxic environment, an important tip if you really want your expensive pro-biotics to work.

2. Infrared Sauna
This is our favourite sauna, far better than a Swedish sauna, because it penetrates deeper into the skin's layers and targets organs to detox from the inside out. Plus, there is no blasting steam, just a nice dry, comfortable heat. 

3. Massage 
This is a wonderful way to move toxins out of the body. Not only does it feels great, it will help you sleep better, too.

4. Exercise 
Do this at a pace that suits your body's energy levels during the juice fast. Steady walks or yoga are great for the low energy days. If you feel up to it a short run or low cardio class to work up a little sweat can be great to encourage further detoxification and take your mind of the fact that your not eating, but its important to listen to your body and don't over do it as you will have limited energy during your cleanse.

5. Dry Skin Brush 
A dry skin brush is a great daily mini detox, and makes you feel good! It also makes your skin lovely and soft and helps banish cellulite. Do in the morning for a few minutes before you get in the shower. Start by brushing in long sweeps from the base of your toes, work up your legs, up to the middle of your body, working towards your heart. Then start from the tips of your fingers and work in long sweeps up your arms towards your heart. Avoid sensitive areas like face and décolletage.  


After your juice cleanse you should be feeling amazing and although you might be very excited about the prospect of eating food, hopefully you will want to keep up the good work by feeding yourself nourishing, healthy, simple foods.  Start by eating a bowl of fruit for breakfast with salad for lunch and steamed vegetables with some brown rice for dinner, possibly with some steamed fish or chicken if you want, keep hydrated and over the next week slowly return to a healthy, normal diet. 


Choose the juice cleanse thats right for you.